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Celebrating Love: The Tradition of Giving Flowers for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day, a holiday that evokes romance and celebrates love, is quickly approaching. In the midst of planning surprises and meaningful gestures, one tradition that has endured throughout the centuries stands out among the rest: the gift of flowers. More than a simple act, this floral custom carries with it a rich history and a symbolic language that has enchanted lovers and admirers for generations.

In this blog, we will delve into the tradition of giving flowers on Valentine's Day, exploring its origin, its evolution over time and the deep meaning that each type of flower carries with it. Join us on a journey through the scented petals and vibrant colors that have witnessed countless love stories.

We will discover how Valentine's flowers have always been more than a simple present; They are silent messengers of intense emotions. By delving into the secret language of flowers, we will learn to select the perfect bouquet to express exactly what we feel.

Whether you are a hopeless romantic looking for the classic bouquet of red roses or a more adventurous spirit exploring alternative options, this blog will guide you through choosing, caring for and presenting the ideal flowers for this Valentine's Day. Get ready to immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of this floral tradition and discover how flowers continue to be the most beautiful expression of love!

The Tradition of Giving Flowers for Valentine's Day

History of Valentine's Day and Floral Tradition

The story of Valentine's Day has ancient roots and is connected to various stories that honor different saints called Valentine. The best-known version involves a 3rd-century Roman priest named Valentine, who defied Emperor Claudius II's orders to forbid marriages for young soldiers.

Valentin continued to perform marriage ceremonies in secret, eventually being arrested and executed on February 14. It is said that during his imprisonment, Valentine sent a love letter signed "from your Valentine" to his jailer's daughter, a gesture that symbolizes the origin of Valentine's cards.

Evolution of the Tradition of Giving Flowers in the Context of the Festivity

Over the centuries, the celebration of Valentine's Day merged with pagan and Roman traditions, evolving into the holiday of love and friendship we know today.

In the 19th century, with the popularization of written communication, Valentine's cards became an established custom. It was at this time when bouquets also began to be used as a romantic expression, highlighting the rise of the floral tradition in the holiday.

Historical Relationship between Flowers and Expression of Romantic Feelings

The association between flowers and romantic feelings has deep historical roots. During the Victorian era, expressing emotions through gestures and gifts became a refined practice, and flowers became a special means of communicating feelings.

Give Flowers for Valentine's Day

The language of flowers, also known as floriography, developed, assigning specific meanings to each type of flower. This period marked the rise of the tradition of giving flowers as a subtle and elegant way to communicate love and affection on Valentine's Day.

The language of flowers

Flowers have served as silent messengers throughout history, and each variety has its own symbolic meaning. Here, we'll unravel the language of flowers so you can select the perfect bouquet this Valentine's Day:

  1. Red Rose : Classic and passionate, the red rose is the emblem of romantic love. It expresses admiration and deep respect, being the ideal choice to convey intense feelings on Valentine's Day.

  2. Tulip : Tulips represent the perfect declaration of love. Its vibrant colors convey joy and the red variety symbolizes passion and eternal love.

tulip bouquet
  1. Lily : A symbol of purity and commitment, white lilies are ideal for expressing sincere and lasting love. Perfect for couples looking for a deeper connection.

How to Choose Flowers that Express the Right Feelings

At Persa Flores, we understand the importance of selecting the right bouquet of flowers for each occasion. Our expert florists are ready to advise you in choosing the perfect bouquet that suits your feelings and expresses them with elegance. Whether you are looking for the passion of red roses or the tenderness of tulips, at Persa Flores we have the perfect variety for every love story.

Historically, floriography has played a prominent role in Valentine's Day. During the Victorian era, couples exchanged secret messages through carefully selected bouquets of flowers. A bouquet of violets, for example, could express loyalty, while a mix of flowers could convey a more complex message.

tradition flowers valentine

At Persa Flores, we bring this tradition into the 21st century, offering carefully designed bouquets that capture the essence of every emotion. Discover our exclusive collections of roses, tulips and lilies, and give a message of love that will last long after Valentine's Day.

Don't miss the opportunity to explore our store and make this Valentine's Day an unforgettable experience with bouquets of flowers delivered for Valentine's Day. Let our flowers speak for you and express what words sometimes cannot!


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