Regala el mejor ramo para enamorados este 14 de febrero - Persa Flores

Give the best bouquet for lovers this February 14

This coming Valentine's Day, delight your loved ones with the purest expression of love through exquisite flower bouquets from Persa Flores. As passionate florists, we are proud to present a carefully crafted selection of floral arrangements that capture the essence of romance and devotion.

flowers in love

At Persa Flores, we understand the importance of every detail and strive to offer unique bouquets in your cart that express your most sincere feelings on this special day. From vibrant red roses that symbolize passion to delicate combinations that reflect tenderness, at Persa Flores we are committed to preparing the best flowers for lovers that will last in the memory of those who receive them.

Discover the art of giving a bouquet of flowers this February 14 with Persa Flores and surprise your lovers with the ephemeral but eternal beauty of our floral creations.

Bouquets of Roses for Lovers

Discover the elegance wrapped in each petal with our captivating bouquets of roses at Persa Flores . From expressions of passionate love to more subtle gestures of affection, our bouquets, ranging from 5 to 18 roses, are perfectly suited to every occasion. Immerse yourself in the intensity of red roses, the undisputed symbol of romance, or explore our unique blends that incorporate soft-hued roses for a touch of tenderness.

bouquet of flowers for lovers

At Persa Flores, each bouquet of fresh flowers for your love is a floral masterpiece carefully crafted to convey your emotions in the most beautiful way possible. Our dedication to freshness and quality is reflected in each rose, ensuring that your gift gesture is not only impressive in the moment, but also lasts in the memory of your loved ones and at a good price.

Celebrate love with the perfect essence of each bouquet of roses from Persa Flores, where elegance meets passion in each bouquet.

Bouquets of Roses, Eucalyptus and African Green

Discover the sublime elegance of the exclusive Mary bouquet from Persa Flores, an authentic work of floral art that masterfully fuses roses, eucalyptus, African green and variegated carnations. Each flower is selected and arranged by hand, creating a sophisticated floral arrangement perfect for any special occasion, from weddings to birthdays.

bouquets of flowers for lovers

By placing your order, we of course offer you an even more special experience. Each Mary arrangement comes with a personalized dedication, presented with kraft paper and elegant ribbon, or if you prefer, with a modern vase that adds an extra touch of refinement.

Plus, we include nutrients and detailed flower care instructions. With fast delivery in 24 hours throughout Spain, at Persa Flores we are ready to turn your most special moments into unforgettable memories. Place your order now and give the gift of floral perfection with the Mary bouquet!

Box of Preserved Roses

Immerse yourself in the eternity of floral beauty with our captivating White Box of preserved pink roses and hydrangeas from Persa Flores. This exquisite arrangement, treated to preserve its splendor, ensures exceptional durability of between 2 and 5 years. It is the perfect gift to adorn any corner of the home with its lasting charm.

The White Box is not only a testament to timeless elegance, but also offers a personalized experience. Each order includes a free personalized dedication, adding a unique sentimental touch. With fast delivery within 24 hours throughout Spain, Persa Flores makes giving preserved flowers simple and fast.

In addition, we provide nutrients and detailed care instructions, highlighting that due to its special treatment, it is not necessary to add water, just place it in a place without direct sunlight.

Candela Bouquet

Embark on a sensory journey with our enchanting Candela de Persian Flores bouquet, a symphony of colors and fragrances that will transform any occasion into an unforgettable experience. Made with roses, lisianthus, eucalyptus and African bouquet, each element of this bouquet blends harmoniously to create a unique floral masterpiece.

bouquets of flowers for lovers

The Candela bouquet is an explosion of colors that ranges from the vibrant tones of roses to the softness of lisianthus, complemented by the freshness of eucalyptus and the exuberance of the African bouquet. This arrangement is not only visually stunning, but also captivates with its distinctive blend of fragrances, from the sweetness of roses to the gentle freshness of eucalyptus.

By choosing the Candela bouquet, you are selecting more than just a floral arrangement; you are opting for a unique sensory experience. Each order includes a personalized dedication, highlighting our commitment to meaningful details. Enjoy fast delivery within 24 hours throughout Spain and let yourself be carried away by the magic of Candela.