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What Flowers to Give on Valentine's Day? The Best 6 Options

Valentine's Day is approaching, and with it, the opportunity to express love and affection in a unique and charming way. At Persa Flores, we understand the importance of this special moment and we are proud to present you an exquisite selection of flowers designed to convey your emotions in an unforgettable way. Are you wondering what flowers to give on Valentine's Day? Let us guide you through a floral journey that will captivate hearts and enrich the experience of celebrating love.

What flowers to give on Valentine's Day

In the art of giving flowers, each petal tells a story and each color transmits a different emotion. From the passionate love symbolized by roses to the purity reflected in daisies, each flower in our collection awakens unique emotions, providing ideal options to express feelings on this special occasion. Discover with us which flowers for Valentine's Day are best and elevate your message of love through the beauty and freshness of Valentine's Day.

Roses: The Classic Symbol of Passionate Love

Roses, revered for centuries as the undisputed emblem of love, offer an unparalleled expression of passion and emotional connection. Among the best flowers are red roses , whose intensity and beauty convey a clear and passionate message. At Persa Flores, we bring this romantic tradition to life with an exquisite collection of red roses, carefully selected to offer the freshness and elegance that your love deserves.

valentine's day rose bouquet

In addition to classic red roses, exploring the versatility of white roses can be equally captivating. White roses symbolize purity and innocence, offering a sublime option to express a softer and more serene love. A bouquet of white roses at florists like Persa Flores fuses timeless elegance with the freshness of each flower, creating a unique experience that reflects the pure beauty of shared affection.

Daisies: Purity and Simplicity that Steal Hearts

Daisies, with their subtle charm and fresh scent, are the ideal choice for those who want to convey pure and sincere love through enchanting bouquets. The white and yellow petals of daisies capture the essence of the innocence and simplicity of true love. When selecting daisy bouquets, you choose a timeless symbol of purity and authenticity.

In creating our daisy bouquets , we strive to encapsulate the freshness and deep meaning of these beautiful floral elements. From simple, delicate bouquets to more elaborate compositions, each daisy arrangement we present reflects the authenticity and freshness of your shared emotions.

Carnations: Elegance and Admiration in Every Petal

Carnations, true floral gems, embody elegance and admiration in each petal. In creating carnation bouquets, the diversity of this flower is celebrated, available in a wide range of colors, each with its unique meaning. Carnations communicate a message of respect and affection, making them an ideal choice to express admiration on Valentine's Day.

valentine's day bouquet of carnations

Carefully designed bouquets of carnations embody the lasting beauty of these flowers, combining vibrant colors and elegant shapes to create floral compositions that truly impress. By selecting bouquets of carnations, you are opting for something that goes beyond the conventional, a tangible manifestation of the elegance that defines your relationship and the deep admiration you feel for your loved one.

Lilies: Scented Elegance and Renewal in Every Detail

Lilies, with their intoxicating scent and dazzling diversity of colors, add a touch of sophistication and renewal that elevates the expression of love on Valentine's Day to new heights. The sensory experience that lilies provide goes beyond their majestic appearance. Its distinctive aroma, soft and sweet, envelops the environment, creating a captivating atmosphere that intensifies the floral gift experience.

valentine's day lily bouquet

At Persa Flores, we explore the exquisite color palette of lilies to offer a selection that suits every taste and preference. From white lilies that symbolize purity and peace to vibrant lilies in deeper hues that radiate energy, each variety tells a unique story. Choosing lilies as a Valentine's Day gift at home is not only about their elegant appearance, but also about their ability to convey deep and renewing emotions.

Sunflowers: Bright Optimism and Vibrant Joy

Sunflowers, with their bright and optimistic aura, are more than flowers; They are a ray of sunshine that illuminates any occasion, making them the perfect choice to express joy and optimism on Valentine's Day. The distinctive characteristic of sunflowers is their ability to follow the light of the sun, symbolizing the constant pursuit of happiness and positivity in life. At Persa Flores, we have selected vibrant sunflowers that capture the energy and vitality of this unique flower.

valentine's day bouquet of sunflowers

Sunflowers not only add color and vibrancy to any space, but they also convey a message of joy and positivity. Choosing sunflowers as a Valentine's gift is a way to tell your loved one that their presence illuminates your life and that, just as sunflowers seek light, you seek happiness in their company. Surprise your partner with a radiant bouquet of sunflowers from Persian Flores and share the brilliant energy of this flower that symbolizes the promise of days full of sun and joy.

Chrysanthemums: Lasting Elegance and Unwavering Loyalty

Chrysanthemums, with their long-lasting elegance and wide variety of colors, are the perfect choice for expressing loyalty and appreciation on Valentine's Day. These flowers, loaded with symbolism, represent unwavering loyalty and timeless elegance. At Persa Flores, we select chrysanthemums that combine vibrant colors with an imposing presence, creating arrangements that are not only visually attractive, but also carry deep meanings.

chrysanthemums for valentine

The durability of chrysanthemums reflects eternal loyalty, making them a gift that lasts over time. By choosing chrysanthemums from Persa Flores, you are opting for an expression of love and friendship that goes beyond the present moment. The chrysanthemums in our arrangements are carefully arranged to highlight their intrinsic elegance, creating a floral masterpiece that reflects the lasting beauty of shared feelings.

Surprise your loved one with the unchanging elegance of Persian Flores chrysanthemums and celebrate the loyalty and appreciation that make this flower a meaningful choice for Valentine's Day. We also have other less traditional options, such as orchids or tulips. Visit our store and discover them for yourself.