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Hydrangeas in Florist

Hydrangeas in Florist

Hydrangeas, with their exuberant beauty and varied colors, are flowers that have captivated lovers of gardening and floral decoration for generations. Here at Persa Flores we are going to show you everything.

Their wide range of shades, from pure white to deep blue, makes them a popular choice in floristry. In this article, we will explore how these versatile flowers can add a touch of elegance and color to your floral arrangements.

Hydrangea Colors: A Range of Possibilities.

One of the highlights of hydrangeas is their ability to change color depending on the pH of the soil in which they are grown. This means you can find hydrangeas in shades of pink, blue, purple, white, and more. This variability in colors makes them an invaluable resource for florists who want to create unique and personalized compositions. You can purchase some in the Flower Bouquets section on our website.

Types of Hydrangeas: Exploring the Variety.

Before we dive into the various ways to use hydrangeas in floristry, it is essential to know the main types of these flowers. The most common hydrangeas include the Hydrangea Macrophylla (known for its round flower heads), the Hydrangea Paniculata (with elongated flower cones), and the Hydrangea Annabelle (with white spherical flowers). Each type has its unique charm and characteristics that you can take advantage of in your floral designs.

hydrangeas flowers

Harmony and Contrast: Combine Hydrangeas with Other Flowers.

Hydrangeas stand out in floral arrangements both as the main flower and in the accompanying role. Combine them with other seasonal flowers to create interesting visual contrasts and harmonies.

For example, blue hydrangeas next to white roses create a charming contrast, while white hydrangeas next to lilacs create a soft and romantic harmony.

Elegant Centerpieces with Hydrangeas

If you are planning a special event, hydrangeas can be the perfect element for your centerpieces. Their large, leafy heads make them an eye-catching choice. Plus, its durability allows arrangements to stay fresh longer, which is ideal for events that span throughout the day.

Centerpieces with Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas at Weddings: A Touch of Romance.

Weddings are special events that demand perfection in every detail, and hydrangeas can be the perfect choice to add a touch of romance and elegance to this unique occasion. Their timeless beauty and versatility make them ideal for various parts of the wedding celebration. Here are some wedding ideas .

Dazzling Bridal Bouquets

Brides looking for a standout wedding bouquet need look no further than hydrangeas. These flowers can be the heart of a beautiful bridal bouquet. Whether in a large, lush bouquet or in a more delicate and romantic design, hydrangeas provide a feeling of freshness and sophistication that perfectly complements the bride's dress.

Bridal bouquets with hydrangeas

Decoration of the Ceremony and Reception

Hydrangeas are also an exceptional choice for ceremony and reception decorations. They can be used in floral arches, centerpieces and hanging arrangements, creating a magical and romantic atmosphere throughout the celebration. In addition, their wide range of colors allows them to adapt to the color palette of the wedding.

Charming Details

Hydrangeas can also be present in the small details of the wedding. From boutonnières and corsages to chair decorations and gifts for guests, these flowers can be everywhere, adding a touch of charm to every aspect of the celebration.

details with hydrangeas

Caring for Hydrangeas: Tips for Freshness

Proper care of hydrangeas is essential to ensure they stay fresh and beautiful. Remember to cut the stems at an angle under water and soak them in warm water before including them in your floral arrangements. Additionally, avoid direct sunlight and drafts to prolong its lifespan.


In short, hydrangeas are the perfect choice for adding a touch of romance and elegance to weddings, as well as creating spectacular floral arrangements for any occasion. Whether in bridal bouquets, ceremony decorations or charming small details, these versatile flowers can transform any event into an unforgettable experience. Make sure you take proper care of them so that they look fresh and beautiful all day long.