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Give a Purple Flower on October 9

Purple flowers on October 9. Why are they given as gifts?

On November 9, purple and violet flowers are given based on the song “Ramito de violetas” by the singer Zalo Reyes , whose admiration, respect and love became popular in the 1980s. However, this 2023, different social networks such as TikTok It also began to be said that they should be given as gifts on October 9.

This is because giving this gift a month before means showing the other person admiration, respect and love. For this reason, it is believed that many people will give purple flowers on October 9. And at Persa Flores we want to help you.

What do purple flowers mean?

The meaning of giving purple or violet flowers is a gesture of sensitivity and respect , since this color represents admiration, pride, gratitude, Mysterious Beauty and Spirituality.

Violet or purple flowers have captivated humanity for centuries with their enigmatic beauty and deep symbolism. These flowers, with their varying shades of violet, lilac and purple, have been appreciated around the world for their elegance and mystery.

Let's explore the meaning behind these charming flowers:

1. Spirituality and Mystery

The color violet has historically been associated with spirituality and introspection. Violet flowers are believed to convey a sense of mystery and connection to the spiritual world. In Christian tradition, violet is the liturgical color of Lent, a period of reflection and penance. This reinforces its association with spirituality and transformation.

2. Royalty and Elegance

For centuries, purple has been a color associated with royalty and nobility. Purple flowers were often reserved for special events and people. They convey a feeling of elegance and prestige, making them ideal for floral arrangements on formal occasions and ceremonies. Here is an example with our Candela bouquet.

3. Creativity and Originality

Purple is also linked to creativity and originality. For those seeking inspiration and artistic expression, violet flowers can be a reminder of the beauty found in originality and imagination, like in our Mary bouquet .

4. Appreciation and Gratitude

In some cultures, violet flowers can also symbolize appreciation and gratitude. Giving someone purple flowers can be a way to express your gratitude for their presence in your life or for their support.

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In short, violet and purple flowers have a rich history of symbolism ranging from spirituality and royalty to creativity and gratitude. Their unique beauty and deep meaning make them a charming choice for a variety of occasions. Whether you use them in floral arrangements or simply admire them in nature, these flowers are sure to captivate you with their mystery and elegance.


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