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Tips to keep flowers fresh and beautiful for longer

Giving a bouquet of flowers is a beautiful way to express our love and gratitude to our mothers on Mother's Day. At Persa Flores, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality flower bouquets, like those found in our Mother's Day collection .

However, it is equally important to know how to care for these fresh flowers so that they stay beautiful for longer. Here are some helpful tips to help you achieve this.

1. Cut the stems diagonally

When receiving a bouquet of flowers, the first thing you should do to care for the flowers is cut the stems diagonally before placing them in water. This increases the water absorption surface area and helps the flowers stay hydrated longer. Make sure you use clean, sharp tools; Cut the stems without damaging them and thus keep the flowers fresh longer.

2. Change the water regularly

It is important to change the water in the flowers every two days to keep them fresh. Be sure to use fresh (not lukewarm), clean, mineral-salted water and clean the vase before refilling. This will prevent the growth of bacteria that can damage fresh flowers.

3. Use flower preservatives

Use flower preservatives, which can be found at most florists, to prolong the life of your flowers. These products contain ingredients that help you have fresh flowers longer and prevent the growth of bacteria.

4. Avoid direct exposure to the sun and drafts

First, it is essential to find a cool place to place the bouquet of fresh flowers. Fresh flowers are sensitive to high temperatures, as this accelerates their aging and dehydration process. By avoiding direct exposure to sunlight and keeping them away from heat sources such as radiators or appliances, thermal stress is minimized and a more suitable environment is maintained for their conservation.

Additionally, it is crucial to protect fresh flowers, whether roses or other types, from drafts and air conditioning. Strong gusts of air can quickly dehydrate petals and cause them to wilt prematurely. Therefore, avoiding placing the bouquet in a place where there are drafts or near air conditioning vents will help preserve its beauty for longer, in fresh and not warm water.

5. Remove wilted flowers

It is important to remove wilted flowers from the bouquet, as they can release ethylene, a gas that accelerates the wilting process in fresh flowers. It is also helpful to remove any leaves that are below the water line in the vase to prevent decay and bacteria growth and you will have a bouquet of fresh flowers that will last much longer (with fresh water and not lukewarm water).

And if you are interested in knowing how to preserve dried flowers , here we tell you exactly how to do it.

At Persa Flores, we are proud to offer a beautiful, high-quality bouquet of fresh flowers to celebrate Mother's Day, like those found in our collection of affordable roses and flowers . We invite you to read more about the most popular flowers for Mother's Day and their symbolism and to learn about our history as a family florist in Spain.

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When choosing the perfect bouquet for Mother's Day, consider your mother's favorite flowers, her preferred color, and the symbolism behind the flowers. Our article "The 5 Most Popular Flowers for Mother's Day and Their Symbolism" will help you understand the most popular options and their meaning.

To ensure on-time delivery, it is advisable to place your flower order at least one week before Mother's Day. This ensures that the flowers are fresh and available on the desired date. Don't forget to visit our special collection for Mother's Day in Persa Flores: .

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To keep your bouquet fresh and looking good, follow these tips: trim the stem ends at an angle, change the water in the vase every two days, add a floral preservative to the water, and place the bouquet in a cool, out-of-the-way place. from direct sunlight. More info here.