The roses

Roses, scientifically known as "Rosa," are a genus of flowering plants comprising more than 100 species and thousands of varieties. These iconic flowers are prized around the world for their beauty, fragrance and diversity of colors. In this glossary entry, we will explore all aspects related to roses, including their colors, their geographical distribution, the care necessary to grow them, why they are considered so attractive and in which bouquets they combine wonderfully.

Rose Colors and Their Meanings

bouquet of red roses

Roses are known for their rich color palette, and bouquets of roses of different colors carry with them a unique meaning:

  1. Pink roses : The color pink is a symbol of love, gratitude and admiration. It is perfect to express affection and appreciation towards someone.

  2. Red Rose Bouquet : Red roses are the supreme representation of passionate love and burning passion. They are a classic symbol of romantic love.

  3. A white rose : White symbolizes purity, innocence and sincerity. White roses are a popular choice for weddings and important events.

  4. Yellow : Yellow represents friendship and joy. Giving this flower to your home is a lovely way to show appreciation and happiness.

  5. Orange : The color orange evokes enthusiasm and desire. Orange roses are ideal for expressing admiration and appreciation.

  6. Lavender : Lavender roses convey love at first sight and charm. They are an elegant choice to express love and attraction.

  7. Blue : Although not natural, blue roses are a symbol of mystery and impossibility, making them interesting for special occasions, with each long stem and its flower.

  8. Green : Green roses represent fertility, health and renewal. They are often used in bouquets to celebrate the beginning of new stages in life.

  9. Black : Although rare and artificial, black roses symbolize farewell and goodbye.

In this blog you will find much more information about roses, their colors and meanings .

Geographic Distribution and Growing Places of Roses

Although roses are native to Asia, they have been adapted and cultivated in a variety of regions and climates around the world. Their versatility has made them a common element in gardens, pots and greenhouses. Some of the major rose-producing regions include:


This South American country, with its equatorial climate, is a leading producer of roses of great quality and size. The combination of consistent temperatures throughout the year and ideal altitude in the Andean regions creates perfect conditions for growing roses with vibrant colors and lush petals. Ecuadorian roses have earned a worldwide reputation for their elegance and longevity in floral arrangements, making them a leading global exporter of these flowers.

bouquet of pink roses


The high Colombian mountains provide a stunning natural setting for growing high-quality roses. The variation in altitudes in the country allows producers to adapt their crops to different microclimates, which results in a wide range of colors and types of roses. The quality of Colombian roses is appreciated both in the national and international markets, contributing to Colombia's reputation as a top-level flower producer.


The Naivasha region of Kenya is famous for its export roses, and its geographical location is a key factor. Located next to Lake Naivasha and surrounded by mountains, this area enjoys moderate temperatures and a stable climate all year round, which is ideal for growing roses. The rose industry in Kenya has developed significantly in recent decades, and Kenyan roses are known for their beauty and quality in international markets.


The Netherlands has a long tradition of growing and exporting flowers, including roses. Dutch experience in horticulture has led to constant innovation in growing techniques and post-harvest handling, resulting in roses of high quality and durability. The Netherlands is a major center for flower auctioning and distribution, and Dutch roses are shipped to destinations around the world, cementing its status as a leader in the floral industry.


California, in particular, is a major producer of roses in the United States. California's temperate climate, with mild winters and warm summers, is conducive to growing roses year-round. In this region, a variety of roses are grown, from the classic red roses to the most exotic ones. The rose industry in California meets both domestic and international demand, and roses from this region are prized for their freshness and beauty in bouquets and special events.

Rose Care

Rose care often requires special attention compared to other flowers due to their distinctive beauty and fragrance. Unlike some flowers that can tolerate moderate sun exposure, roses need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight a day to thrive.

It is also essential to keep the soil evenly moist, avoiding wetting the leaves to prevent diseases. Additionally, roses benefit from annual pruning in spring to remove dead or diseased branches and promote healthy growth. Regular pest and disease control is crucial, as roses are susceptible to certain threats. In short, rose care demands more attention and specific knowledge compared to other flowers, but the rewards include their exquisite beauty and fragrance.

Why Roses Are So Attractive

Roses have captivated humanity for centuries due to several aspects of their beauty:

  • Symmetrical and Elegant Shape : The symmetry of the petals and its distinctive bud shape are visually pleasing.

  • Unmistakable Fragrance : The fragrance of roses is unique and evokes emotions and memories.

  • Vibrant Colors : The wide range of colors allows for versatile expression of emotions and feelings.

  • Flower Longevity : Roses can last a long time in floral arrangements, making them a popular choice for special occasions.

Combinations of Bouquets with Roses

Roses can be skillfully combined with other flowers and foliage to create beautiful and expressive bouquets. Here are some popular combinations:

Roses and Lilies

The combination of roses and lilies in a floral arrangement creates visual harmony and symbolizes a fascinating blend of passion and purity. Roses, with their intensity of color and romantic connotation, represent passion and passionate love at its finest. On the other hand, lilies, with their elegant and symbolic white petals, evoke purity and innocence.

Together, these two types of flowers create an intriguing contrast that suggests ardent love but also a relationship based on honesty and sincerity. It is a perfect arrangement for special occasions such as weddings or anniversaries, where the depth of feelings is combined with the purity of intentions.

Roses and Tulips

The combination of roses and tulips in a bouquet is an explosion of vibrant colors that communicates joy and admiration. Roses, with their classic beauty, represent love and admiration, while tulips, with their variety of vivid colors, symbolize joy and prosperity. Together, these flowers create a stimulating visual contrast that reflects the exuberance of life and mutual appreciation.

This arrangement is ideal for celebrations of achievements, birthdays or to express gratitude to someone special, as it conveys positive emotions and the idea that life is full of beauty and joy.

Roses and Peonies

The combination of roses and peonies in a bouquet is a spectacle of beauty and abundance that evokes gratitude and love. Roses, with their symbolism of love and appreciation, are perfectly complemented by peonies, known for their profusion of lush petals and their meaning of good fortune and prosperity.

Together, these flowers represent generosity and gratitude in a relationship, expressing love and appreciation for someone special. This arrangement is ideal for moments when you want to show gratitude and genuine love, such as anniversaries, weddings, or to surprise a loved one with a loving gesture.

Roses and Eucalyptus

The combination of roses and eucalyptus in a bouquet adds freshness and fragrance, creating a unique sensory experience. Roses, with their beauty and romantic symbolism, are beautifully balanced by the eucalyptus foliage, which exudes a refreshing and calming fragrance. Eucalyptus also symbolizes clarity and purification, making this arrangement a perfect choice for moments of reflection and renewal.

The fragrance of eucalyptus mixes with the softness and elegance of roses, creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere. This bouquet is ideal to give in times of recovery, to convey support or to send a message of freshness and renewal.

In short, roses are exquisite flowers that have captivated humanity with their beauty, fragrance and symbolic meaning. With proper care, you can enjoy the elegance and charm of roses in your garden or in floral arrangements designed by our florists. Buy your roses online at our Persa Flores florist and enjoy the highest quality products.