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How to make a bouquet of 12 roses

In this video we are going to see how we create a beautiful bouquet using 12 red roses, the perfect gift par excellence. This is something that may seem simple but with the help of wonderful greens such as popolous eucalyptus and cinerea together with murraya and white limonium as a background and topped with aralia leaves we will obtain a great final result.

Here are some extra tips for making a bouquet of 12 roses , whether for Valentine's Day or another special date:

Choose the right roses

Look for fresh, good quality roses for this quintessentially perfect gift. You can opt for roses of the same color or combine different shades to create a more striking effect, even more roses if you wish .

Prepare the materials for your bouquet of 12 roses

Be sure to have sharp scissors, floral tape, cellophane wrap, a rubber band, and a bowl of water on hand to keep the roses fresh while you work on the 12-rose bouquet.

Remove the lower leaves from each long, decorated stem, leaving only the top leaves that are in good condition. Cut the stems at an angle to facilitate their water absorption.

Organize the roses

Take one rose as the center point and place it slightly higher than the others. Around this central rose, add the others in a circle, rotating the bouquet as you go to make sure they are evenly distributed.

Adjust the heights

As you add the roses around the central one to form the bouquet of 12 roses, adjust the heights to give the bouquet a more dynamic and balanced appearance. You can cut the stems gradually to create different levels in the bouquet for that special dear person.

Hold the bouquet of 12 roses

Once you have placed all the roses in the bouquet for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day, hold the red rose bouquets firmly with a rubber band a few inches from the base of the stems. This will help keep the roses, with each long, decorated stem, in place while you work on the next steps.

Cover the elastic band

Wrap the elastic band with floral ribbon or a pretty fabric ribbon to hide it. Start from the top and roll the tape down, making sure it is tight and firm.

Protect the bouquet

Wrap the bouquet in clear cellophane or wrapping paper to protect the flowers and give it an elegant finishing touch. Make sure the paper completely wraps around the bouquet and tie the ends with a bow or ribbon.

Moisturizes the bouquet

Before delivering the bouquet of 12 roses, soak the stems in fresh water for a few minutes so that the roses are properly hydrated. Then, dry them lightly with a towel before presenting the bouquet.

This can be a perfect gift par excellence for any time of the year, not just for anniversaries, Mother's Day or Valentine's Day.

Flower material:

  • red rose freedom
  • Eucalyptus populous (green)
  • White limonium (green)
  • Murraya (green)
  • Bicolor aralia leaves (green)

Red roses are the best-known flowers in the world and since ancient times have been associated with love and friendship. Thanks to its incredible beauty, a bouquet of 12 roses is perfect to give as a gift for any occasion, such as getting a bouquet for Valentine's Day or bouquets of red roses at home .

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