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Floral Centerpiece Tutorial

Today we show you how to modernize the classic floral table arrangement. Depending on the type of flower we put in it, its shape and design could vary, we will teach you how to create your own. For today we have used three kinds of flowers and greens on a beautiful wooden base that will look very nice on any table or corner of the house, it could also be used at events.


  • Yellow roses
  • Bicolor Pink Carnation,
  • Purple-White and Pink Lisianthus
  • Eucalyptus Cinerea (green)
  • Ruscus
  • Muraya

Styles and Trends in Floral Centerpieces

Classic and elegant

Classic and elegant floral centerpieces are characterized by the use of flowers in soft and delicate tones. Roses, peonies and lilies are popular choices in this style of centerpiece. In addition to natural flowers, elements such as candles and glassware are incorporated to create a refined and sophisticated atmosphere.

Rustic and country

For those looking for a more natural and relaxed touch, rustic and country floral centerpieces are the perfect choice. Using wildflowers and green foliage, such as daisies, lavender or eucalyptus, creates a feeling of freshness and organic beauty in a centerpiece. Incorporating natural elements, such as wooden logs, rustic boxes or wicker baskets, adds a country charm to the composition.

Modern and minimalist

In modern and minimalist flower arrangements, the focus is on simple and clean flower arrangements. Exotic flowers, such as proteas or orchids, stand out in this style, adding a unique and contemporary touch. Additionally, geometric structures, such as unusually shaped vases or minimalist metal stands, can be used to create a modern and sophisticated look in your home or other space.

Vintage and romantic

If you are looking to evoke a feeling of nostalgia and romance, vintage and romantic floral centerpieces are the ideal option. Combining vintage flowers in a container, such as English roses or peonies, with vintage details creates a charming and elegant atmosphere. Vintage vases, such as cut glass jars or antique ceramics, as well as vintage decorative elements to the arrangement, such as candlesticks or antique photo frames, enhance the romantic aspect of the composition.

Tips for creating floral centerpieces

Flower selection

When choosing flowers for your centerpieces, it is important to consider the theme of the event and the season. Opt for flowers that suit the chosen style and that are available at the time of year the event takes place. To add texture and depth, combine different types of flowers, both in size and shape, creating a visually interesting arrangement.

Colors and palette

Choose colors that complement the overall decor of the event. Consider the predominant color palette and select flowers that fit it. Play with different shades and contrasts to create visual impact and add dynamism to the floral centerpiece.

Height and proportion

Make sure centerpieces don't block guests' views. Maintain an adequate height so that they can talk without difficulty across the table. Also, create variations in the height of the arrangements to add visual interest and balance to the ensemble.

Composition and arrangements

Use containers proportionate to the size of the table and consider their shape and style so that they harmonize with the chosen theme. Distribute the flowers in a balanced manner, avoiding them being too grouped together or scattered. Keep the composition aesthetically pleasing and balanced.

Maintenance and durability

Be sure to use proper flower cutting and care techniques to maintain their freshness during the event. Change the water regularly, trim stems if necessary, and avoid exposing floral arrangements to direct heat sources that may accelerate wilting.

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