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Sant Jordi Traditions: Flowers, Books and Love

In the heart of Catalonia, between April 18 and 25, a celebration full of history, culture and romance unfolds: Sant Jordi day. This festivity, known as the Diada de Sant Jordi, commemorates the legend of Sant Jordi and the dragon, a story that has endured over the centuries and has become a symbol rooted in Catalan identity.

On April 23, coinciding with International Book Day, this festival takes on a new nuance, fusing the tradition of Sant Jordi with the passion for reading. During this day, the streets are filled with colorful book and rose stalls, in honor of the custom of giving a rose and a book as a token of love and friendship.

From its roots in Catalonia, the celebration of Sant Jordi has expanded, becoming a holiday recognized and celebrated throughout the world. It is a day to honor literature, love and traditions that connect people across borders. Here we tell you what the Sant Jordi traditions are so you can celebrate this April.

The Origin of Sant Jordi

The origin of Sant Jordi dates back to an ancient legend that has been passed down through generations in Catalonia and other regions. According to this story, Sant Jordi, a brave knight, saved a princess from being devoured by a ferocious dragon that was terrifying a town. With his skill and courage, Sant Jordi managed to defeat the dragon and free the princess, becoming a symbol of heroism and love.

In gratitude, tradition dictates that roses be given, in honor of the bravery of Sant Jordi, and books, as a symbol of the wisdom and knowledge that the story of this feat brings with it. This story has endured throughout the centuries, turning Sant Jordi into an emblematic holiday that celebrates love, culture and tradition in Catalonia and beyond.

The Tradition of Giving Roses

The tradition of giving roses during the Sant Jordi Festival is a practice rooted in Catalonia and other Catalan countries. This gesture dates back to the Middle Ages, when Sant Jordi was proclaimed patron saint of Catalonia. On this special day, the streets, such as the famous Rambla de Catalunya, are filled with color and fragrance with rose and book stalls.

bouquet of roses sant jordi

Catalans celebrate by exchanging roses and books as a sign of love and appreciation. For many women, receiving a rose on this day is a symbol of affection and admiration. This beautiful tradition has endured over time, turning April 23 into an emblematic date in which literature and romanticism are intertwined in an atmosphere of celebration and joy.

The Role of Books in Sant Jordi

The role of books in Sant Jordi is fundamental in the celebration of this unique festival. On April 23, Sant Jordi's Day, Book Day is also commemorated, which makes the presence of books even more significant during this festival. The tradition of giving books during Sant Jordi goes back decades and has become a deep-rooted custom in Catalonia and other Catalan-speaking regions.

During this celebration, bookstores, street stalls and squares are filled with a wide variety of books, from literary classics to the latest publishing news. This diversity reflects the cultural and literary wealth of the region.

symbolic meaning of books

The books given during Saint George's Day are not only a way to encourage reading and knowledge, but they also have a symbolic meaning. They represent the importance of culture and knowledge in Catalan society, as well as the value of education and personal enrichment through reading.

Furthermore, exchanging books during Sant Jordi is a way to share and transmit stories, ideas and emotions between people. It is an opportunity to strengthen family and friendship ties, as well as to express feelings of love and gratitude.

Preparations for Sant Jordi at the Florist

On Sant Jordi, the rose is the flower par excellence that is given as a gift as part of the tradition. However, in addition to roses, there are other flowers that can also be excellent gift options during this holiday. Here are some recommendations:


Tulips are beautiful, elegant flowers that come in a wide range of colors. They are ideal to give as a gift on Sant Jordi due to their beauty and symbolic meanings, such as admiration and respect.

Bouquet of Red Tulips - Persian Flowers


Carnations are traditional flowers that can also be an excellent option to give as a gift on Sant Jordi. Red carnations represent love and passion, while white ones symbolize purity and good luck.


Lilies are elegant and sophisticated flowers that convey a message of admiration and respect. They are perfect to give to someone special on Sant Jordi, especially if you prefer something different to traditional roses.


Gerberas are cheerful and colorful flowers that can add a touch of joy to the Sant Jordi celebration. They come in a variety of vibrant colors and symbolize happiness and fun.


Orchids are exotic and elegant flowers that can be a more exclusive option to give as a gift on Sant Jordi. They convey elegance and beauty, and are perfect for surprising someone special on this holiday.

Remember that the choice of flower depends on the personal taste of the person you are giving it to and the message you want to convey. Choose the perfect flowers for Sant Jordi in our store !