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Why Give Yellow Flowers on September 21?

Give Yellow Flowers

September is a month full of meaning and special occasions. One of the most notable days is September 21, which marks the International Day of Peace. On this important date, giving yellow flowers can be a beautiful way to express your wishes for peace and happiness. At Persa Flores , we understand the importance of this gesture and we invite you to discover the meaning behind yellow flowers.

But, is it customary to give yellow flowers?

In reality, it is not an ancestral tradition, but a trend that emerged on TikTok and that quickly spread not only in Argentina, but also in Peru, Ecuador and Mexico, as well as in other Latin American countries and in 2023 as well. This fashion has reached Spain, where the Argentine series "Floricienta" became popular in the early 2000s.

On September 21, several TikTok users began to spread the trend of giving yellow flowers with phrases such as: "If they give you yellow flowers, they love you for life" and others similar. On the social network of short videos, couples can be seen holding yellow flowers while the iconic song "Yellow Flowers" plays, performed by Florencia Bertotti, who starred in "Floricienta", the Argentine series that came to Mexico through the Disney Channel.

However, it seems that some also decided that the beginning of spring, March 21, was a suitable occasion to give flowers of this particular color.

The lyrics of "Yellow Flowers" from "Floricienta" evoke memories for those who grew up with the endearing story of the orphan played by Florencia Bertotti, who comes to take care of a family in a house, captivating several generations not only in Argentina, but in much of Latin America and in 2023 it has burst into Spain with force. The cast included Lali Espósito, Benjamín Rojas, Juan Gil Navarro, Isabel Macedo and Fabio Di Tomaso.

Curiously, in 2022, Florencia Bertotti surprised her followers at a concert by performing several of the songs that made "Floricienta" a memorable youth soap opera. The series also had a remake in Mexico called "Lora, once upon a time", starring Eiza González.

The meaning behind giving yellow flowers on September 21 is based on two aspects: first, the love lyrics of the song "Yellow Flowers", and second, the coincidence of the date with the beginning of spring in the southern hemisphere, which runs from September 21 to December 21, when summer begins.

yellow flowers September 21

The lyrics of "Yellow Flowers" hide the reason why receiving a bouquet of these flowers from your lover can symbolize that he is giving you "his whole life":

"He was waiting for her with a yellow flower / She dreamed of it with the light in her eyes / And the yellow of the sun illuminated the corner / She felt it so close, she felt it since she was a child.

She knew that he knew / That someday it would happen / That he would come looking for her / With his yellow flowers.

Don't rush, don't stop / The moment of meeting is predestined / Don't miss it, it's not fair / Don't forget that life is almost never asleep.

In that lonely bar the meeting awaited them / She arrived in a yellow limousine, of course / He suddenly approached, looked directly at her / A lifetime of dreams and he couldn't say anything.

She knew that he knew / That one day it would happen / That he would come looking for her / With his yellow flowers / Don't hurry, don't stop / The moment of meeting is predestined / Don't lose her, it's not fair / Don't forget that life almost she is never asleep.

She knew that he knew / That one day it would happen / That he would come looking for her / With his yellow flowers / Don't hurry, don't stop / The moment of meeting is predestined / Don't lose her, it's not fair / Don't forget that life almost she is never asleep.

She knew that he knew / He knew, she knew / He knew, she knew and they forgot / About her yellow flowers.

yellow flowers joy

Yellow Flowers: A Symbol of Joy and Friendship

Yellow flowers are known to convey feelings of joy, friendship and positivity. The color yellow is warm and vibrant, making it the perfect choice to celebrate peace and harmony on the International Day of Peace. Giving yellow flowers is a symbolic way to wish days full of sun and smiles to your loved ones.

But why yellow? This color represents sunlight and the energy it gives us. Just like the sun's rays, yellow flowers can brighten anyone's day and remind us that life is full of beauty and happy moments.

The International Day of Peace: An Opportunity to Reflect

On September 21, the International Day of Peace is celebrated around the world. It is a time to reflect on the importance of peace in our lives and in the world in general. Yellow flowers, with their luminous color and positive meaning, can serve as a reminder that we can all contribute to a more peaceful and harmonious world.

Peace is a universal value that we all desire. On this special day, giving yellow flowers is a way to express our commitment to peace and peaceful coexistence among all people, regardless of their origin or differences. It is a gesture that transcends words and shows our sincere desire for a better world.

Give Yellow Flowers from Persian Flores

At Persa Flores, we have a wide selection of beautiful bouquets of yellow flowers that are perfect to give as gifts on the International Day of Peace. Our floral arrangements are designed with care and love, and are a meaningful way to express your feelings to your loved ones.

Here you can explore our collection of yellow flower bouquets . Each bouquet is unique and filled with fresh, vibrant flowers that are sure to brighten the day of whoever receives them. Additionally, you can personalize your gift with a special message that conveys your wishes for peace and happiness.

On this International Day of Peace, consider giving yellow flowers from Persian Flowers to convey your wish for peace and happiness to your loved ones. Such a simple gesture can have a positive impact and remind everyone of the importance of peace in our lives and in the world.

Let's celebrate this special day together with yellow flowers, a symbol of joy and friendship that can unite us in the search for a more peaceful world.

bouquet of yellow flowers

Some yellow flowers that we recommend as gifts are:

  • Yellow tulips.
  • Yellow lilies.
  • Yellow daffodils.
  • Daisies with yellow flowers.
  • Broom flowers.
  • Sunflowers.
  • Yellow roses.
  • Yellow orchids.
  • Yellow verbena.

Although it is not an ancient tradition, thanks to its growing popularity, many people may consider adopting this ritual to celebrate the arrival of spring each year.

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At Persa Flores, we are here to help you share love and happiness through beautiful yellow flowers. On this International Day of Peace, remember that a small gesture, like sending flowers, can make a difference in someone's life and contribute to a more harmonious world. Give yellow flowers and celebrate peace at its best. Additionally, you can learn more about the meaning and symbology behind flowers with our article on the symbolic meaning of roses .

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