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Preserved Flower Domes: The Perfect Gift

Eternal Pink Rose Dome with Crystal

Preserved flower domes are more than just a single product; They are symbols of love and appreciation. Each glass dome contains an eternal rose, a flower that has been carefully treated to maintain its beauty and freshness for many years. These roses are not the typical flowers that wilt over time; They have gone through a special process to preserve their condition and color.

Charms of the Eternal Rose

The eternal red roses are known as the flower of love. And when presented in a glass dome, its meaning is magnified.

The eternal rose is a perfect gift for that special person in your life. Whether for Valentine's Day, an anniversary or any other occasion, these preserved flower domes are a lasting reminder of love and affection.

Variety, style, color and size

At Persa Flores, we offer domes in different sizes and colors. From the classic passionate red to more subtle shades, there is a rose for every style and occasion.

Additionally, some of our domes incorporate additional details, such as moss, that add a touch of nature and elegance.

Eternal Red Rose Dome of Persian Flowers

Care and recommendations for your dome

Although these roses are preserved, proper care for them is essential to maintain their beauty. Avoid direct sunlight and place the dome in a place where it can be admired but protected from external factors. It will help maintain the colors of your glass domed eternal rose.

Online order at home

Placing an eternal rose home delivery order at Persa Flores is simple, go to : https://persaflores.com/collections/cupulas-de-flores-preservadas to place your order. We also give you the facility of being able to choose between 3 delivery times to adapt to your needs.

Once you have selected the glass dome and rose that you like best based on its size, you can request that it be delivered to your home, ensuring that your dome and rose arrive in perfect condition to its recipient.

Persa Flores Preserved Flower Dome

More than a gift

Glass domes of preserved flowers like the rose are more than a gift; They are a way to express feelings that last over time to that loved one.

Each rose in its glass dome is a moment, a memory, a gesture of affection regardless of its size. At Persa Flores, we are proud to offer this unique gift product, and we hope that each dome delivered tells a special story.

Frequently Asked Questions

An eternal rose, with proper care, has a longevity of several years.

Although it does not need watering or exposure to light, it is crucial to protect it from moisture and dust.

Absolutely. The eternal rose is a natural rose that has gone through a special preservation process.

Eternal roses are available in multiple colors, from traditional red to more exotic shades.

Without a doubt, being a symbol of enduring love, it is ideal for commemorating anniversaries.

The rose undergoes a dehydration process and is then impregnated with a preservative solution. This maintains its beauty and freshness without wilting.

It is ideal to place it in a cool place, away from direct sunlight and heat sources to preserve its appearance and color.

Yes, some stores offer customization options, such as choosing the color of the rose or adding special messages. Contact us!

Generally yes, since the preservation process eliminates pollens and agents that usually cause allergies. However, it is always advisable to consult with the provider.

While an eternal rose is a natural rose that has undergone a preservation process, an artificial rose is made of synthetic materials and does not come from a living plant.