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Find the Best Bouquet for Valentine's Day

Discover the art of expressing passion through flowers with Persa Flores, your floral destination for this Valentine's Day. Our exclusive collection of Valentine's bouquets fuses the delicacy of flowers with messages full of love.

From classic red roses to creative combinations, Persa Flores offers the perfect way to convey emotions this February 14. Immerse yourself in the magic of Valentine's bouquets, where each petal tells a unique story. Let Persa Flores be your accomplice to make this special day an unforgettable experience.

The Art of Choosing the Perfect Bouquet

In the luminous universe of flowers for Valentine's Day, finding the perfect bouquet is an art that Persa Flores masters masterfully. On Valentine's Day, giving a bouquet transcends the gesture; It is a unique expression of your connection with your partner.

At Persa Flores, we understand that each petal tells a story, each color speaks of emotions. Discover how our floral art becomes the voice of your love, creating bouquets that not only delight the eye, but capture the very essence of the person who fills your heart.

Red roses: the classic symbol of love

Red roses are the very essence of passion and romance. They represent deep love and fiery connection between two people. At Persa Flores, each red rose in our bouquets transmits a clear and eternal message: "I love you."

Tulips: declarations of love and elegance

Tulips, with their unique elegance, symbolize the passionate declaration of love. Its variety of colors allows you to express a wide range of emotions, from devotion to admiration. Discover the subtlety of a bouquet of tulips at Persa Flores, where each flower tells a love story.

Lilies: purity and devotion

White lilies embody purity and devotion in the language of flowers. By choosing a bouquet with lilies, you convey not only love but also sincere commitment. Persa Flores fuses the elegance of lilies with floral mastery to offer you bouquets that speak of pure and lasting love.

Creative flower combinations

At Persa Flores, creativity flourishes in every bouquet on Valentine's Day. Explore unique combinations of flower bouquets that mix the liveliness of roses with the exquisite fragrance of lilies or the freshness of tulips. Our bouquets are carefully designed to express complex and unique emotions, creating a truly unforgettable gift.

Mary Bouquet

bouquet for Valentine's Day

Discover the elegance in each petal with the Mary Bouquet from Persa Flores, a unique floral composition that combines roses, eucalyptus and African green. Each flower is carefully selected and arranged by hand, creating a captivating work of art.

The Mary Bouquet includes special features such as a personalized dedication, nutrients to prolong freshness, and detailed flower care instructions. This arrangement is not only ideal for Valentine's Day, but also for any special occasion, from weddings to birthdays.

With the option of fast delivery within 24 hours throughout Spain, Persa Flores is committed to making your most special moments even more memorable. Place your order now and let the Mary Bouquet speak the language of love on this Valentine's Day.

Candela Bouquet

bouquet for valentine

Celebrate love with the captivating Candela Bouquet from Persa Flores , a romantic expression composed of red roses, purple roses, eucalyptus and African green. Regularly priced at €50.00, this bouquet embodies the essence of romance and is designed to fill your home with an irresistible aroma on Valentine's Day.

In addition to the floral charm, the Candela Bouquet includes options to personalize your gift. For an additional cost of €3.50, you can add a crystal vase that will enhance the presentation of this stunning arrangement. You can also choose to accompany the bouquet of flowers with a box of chocolates for €6.50, adding a sweet touch to your romantic gesture for that special person.

Bouquet of Red Roses

bouquet of roses for valentine

Explore the timelessness of love with our Premium Red Rose Bouquet from Persa Flores, a tribute to elegance and seduction. With prices starting at €20.00, this bouquet offers the possibility to choose from a wide variety of sizes, from 5 to 24 roses, allowing you to personalize your expression of love.

Eternally iconic, red roses are a symbol of unconditional love and never lose their appeal. At Persa Flores, each bouquet is prepared with care, wrapped in kraft paper and an elegant ribbon, ensuring that it reaches its recipient in its maximum freshness and beauty on February 14.

Eternal Flowers

eternal flower for valentine

Immerse yourself in a tale of elegance and romance with our captivating Romantic Persian Flower Dome . Regularly priced at €39.50, this masterpiece features a red rose preserved in all its splendor, encased in a glass dome, emanating eternal passion. A unique choice for Valentine's Day.

The Romantic Dome is not only a gift, it is a visual and sensory experience. The intoxicating beauty of the preserved red rose creates an irresistible ambience, adding a touch of magic to any space.

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En Persa Flores, nuestra misión es convertir momentos especiales en recuerdos inolvidables, y San Valentín es la ocasión perfecta para hacerlo. Cada uno de nuestros ramos, desde el encantador Mary hasta el romántico Candela, y la cautivadora Cúpula Romántica, ha sido diseñado con meticulosidad para expresar el amor en su forma más pura.

Este San Valentín, te invitamos a explorar la magia de nuestras flores y regalos únicos. Desde la atemporalidad de las rosas rojas hasta la eternidad de nuestras cúpulas románticas, en Persa Flores, cada pétalo cuenta una historia de amor.