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How to make tulips last longer? Pro tips

In the world of gardening and floral decoration, tulips are true stars. Their vibrant colors and elegant shapes have captivated generations, making them a symbol of beauty and grace. However, there is something that saddens many flower lovers: the short lifespan of tulips once cut.

How many times have you received a beautiful flower arrangement only to see the tulips wither prematurely? In this article, we will reveal the best kept secrets to make your tulip bouquets last much longer, allowing you to enjoy their splendor for days, and even weeks.

Prepare your scissors and your favorite vase, because we are going to transform your flower arrangements into lasting works of art.

How to make tulips last longer

Factors affecting the lifespan of tulips

When it comes to creating a stunning bouquet of colorful tulips to brighten your home, it is crucial to understand the elements that will influence the longevity of these delicate flowers. From environmental conditions to meticulous stem care to the quality of the water in the vase, each factor plays an important role in determining how long your tulips will stay fresh.


To prevent tulips from wilting prematurely, it is essential to place them in a location with indirect light, protecting them from direct sun exposure. Direct sunlight can quickly dehydrate and wilt petals, significantly reducing the lifespan of flowers.


Keep the vase containing your tulips in a cool and pleasant environment, avoiding proximity to heat sources such as radiators or appliances. Excessive heat can accelerate the wilting process of flowers, while a cool environment helps prolong their freshness.


Make sure the environment where you place your tulip bouquet has adequate humidity. Optimum humidity will help keep flowers fresher for longer, preventing them from wilting prematurely and keeping them looking vibrant and healthy.

Cut the Stems

Before placing the white tulips in the vase, it is important to make a clean cut at an angle of approximately 45 degrees, preferably with sharp scissors. This cut helps increase the surface area for water and nutrient absorption, allowing the tulips to hydrate more efficiently and prolonging their freshness.

Eliminates Submerged Leaves

In addition to cutting the stems, it is essential to remove any leaves that may be submerged in the water of the vase. Submerged leaves can decompose quickly, becoming a breeding ground for bacteria that accelerate tulip deterioration. By keeping the water clean and free of leaves, you reduce the risk of bacterial contamination and prolong the life of the flowers in the bouquet.

tulips last longer

Fresh and Clean Water

To keep your tulips fresh, it is crucial to change the water in the vase every two days. Be sure to rinse the vase well and use clean water to avoid bacteria buildup that could shorten the life of the flowers. This simple maintenance step helps maintain a healthy environment for your tulips and prolongs their beauty in the floral arrangement.

Additional Nutrients

In addition to changing the water regularly, consider adding a floral preservative to the vase water. These preservatives are designed to provide the necessary nutrients that flowers need to stay fresher longer. By adding additional nutrients to the water, you will be prolonging the freshness of your orange tulips and ensuring that they remain vibrant and beautiful for days, or even weeks.

Tricks to prolong the life of tulips

Discover how to keep your tulips fresh and radiant for longer with these infallible tips to prolong their life with this care.

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From choosing the right vase to little tricks for keeping water clean and full of nutrients, you'll learn everything you need to enjoy the beauty of your tulips for days, and even weeks, after you've cut them.

  • Choosing the Right Vase: Opt for a vase that is clean and large enough to give the fresh tulips room to expand. Avoid containers that are too small, which can squeeze the stems and limit water absorption in your home.

  • Daily Trimming of the Stems: Make a daily trimming of approximately 1 cm from the stems of the florist's tulips. This will give the flower a cool surface to absorb water and nutrients, prolonging its life in the floral arrangement.

  • Avoid Exposure to Fruits: Keep tulips away from ripe fruits, as they emit ethylene, a gas that can accelerate the flowering and wilting process of flowers.

  • Water Change with Preservative: In addition to changing the water regularly, consider adding a floral preservative to the vase water to make them last longer. These products contain ingredients that help inhibit bacterial growth and provide additional nutrients to the flowers, prolonging their freshness as if they were in a garden.

  • Night Protection: At night, place your tulips in a cool, dark place to help them conserve their energy and stay fresher longer. Avoid exposing them to cold or hot air currents, as they can damage the petals and accelerate their wilting.

Myths and facts about tulips

Tulips are undoubtedly one of the most admired and popular flowers, but they are also surrounded by myths and misconceptions. Here we will demystify some common beliefs:

  1. Myth: Tulips need to be cut at an angle to absorb water properly.

  2. Fact: While it's true that cutting stems at an angle can increase the surface area for water absorption, the way tulips are cut is not as crucial as with other flowers. The most important thing is that the cuts are clean to avoid blockages in the stems.


  1. Myth: Adding aspirin to the vase water will prolong the life of the tulips.

  2. Fact: There is no scientific evidence to support this myth. While some commercial additives can help prolong the life of flowers by providing nutrients and reducing bacterial growth, aspirin alone does not have a significant effect on the freshness of tulips.

And one more:

  1. Myth: Tulips are spring flowers and only bloom in this season.

  2. Fact: While it is true that tulips are typically associated with spring, there are varieties that bloom in other seasons of the year, especially in warmer climates. With proper care, it is possible to enjoy tulips for a wide range of months.

At Persa Flores, we know that tulips are much more than just flowers: they are symbols of elegance and timeless beauty. With the right tips, you can prolong the freshness of your tulips and enjoy their charm for much longer. Visit us today and discover our wide selection of fresh, vibrant tulips, and bring home the joy of spring any time of year!