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Natural Bridal Bouquets to Show Off on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is one of the most important moments of your life and every detail counts to make that moment an unforgettable experience. One of the most emblematic and beautiful elements of a wedding is the bouquet of flowers that the bride carries with her. A well-chosen bridal bouquet not only complements the dress and other accessories but also adds a touch of natural beauty and freshness to the occasion.

In this article, we want to show you the best natural bridal bouquets so you can choose from and at Persa Flores we will give you advice on choosing the perfect bouquet.

Types of flowers and bouquets that are most popular

The choice of flowers and style of bouquet depends on the bride's personal taste, as well as the theme and style of the wedding. Today, some of the most popular types of flowers and bouquets include:

wild bouquet

This type of wildflower bouquet is characterized by its natural and unstructured appearance. Combine flowers of different sizes and textures, such as roses, peonies, eucalyptus and wildflowers. It's perfect for outdoor or rustic-themed weddings.

rose bouquet

Roses are a classic that never goes out of style. You can opt for a bouquet of white roses for an elegant and timeless look, or add a touch of color with roses in soft shades such as pale pink or peach.

Tropical bouquet

If you want to put a bold and vibrant twist on your bouquet, tropical flowers such as orchids, lilies and birds of paradise can create a surprising and exotic effect:

Expert tips for choosing the best bridal bouquet

Choosing the right bridal bouquet may seem overwhelming, but here are some expert tips to help you make the right choice:

  1. Consider the dress : The bouquet should complement the style and color of the wedding dress. If your dress is very elaborate, opt for a simpler bouquet to balance the outfit.

  2. Keep the season in mind : Seasonal flowers are usually fresher and more affordable. In addition, they fit perfectly into the atmosphere of the wedding and the time of year.

  3. Reflects your personality : The bouquet is an expression of yourself. Choose flowers and colors that reflect your personal style and preferences.

  4. Complement the wedding theme : If your wedding follows a specific theme, such as vintage or bohemian, look for a bouquet that fits that aesthetic.

Beautiful bouquets of flowers

Natural bridal bouquets offer a variety of styles that can be incredibly beautiful and moving. Pretty bouquets can be delicate and elegant, full of color and vibrancy, or even minimalist and sophisticated. The key is to find the balance between the flowers, the colors and the overall style of the wedding.

What should the bride's bouquet be like?

The bride's bouquet of flowers is a distinctive element that can speak volumes about her personality and define the aesthetic of the entire wedding. It is a detail that transcends mere ornamentation to become a genuine expression of the bride herself. Although there is no hard and fast rule that dictates what the bouquet should be, there are some essential guidelines that can help the bride find the perfect bouquet that suits her style and the theme of the wedding.

Appropriate size

Choosing the size of the bouquet is crucial to maintain visual harmony in the whole. It is not just about the height of the bride, but also the size and complexity of her dress. If the dress is extravagant and with many details, a bouquet that is too large could visually compete with it. On the other hand, a simpler dress could allow for a more elaborate bouquet. The key is to achieve a balance so that the bouquet is a complement and not an overwhelming element.

Harmonious colors

Color is another key factor in choosing the bouquet. Flowers should harmonize both with the general color palette of the wedding and with the specific shade of the bride's dress. This does not mean that everything has to be exactly the same, but there must be a chromatic cohesion that makes the bouquet integrate naturally into the environment and enhances the beauty of the bride. It may be helpful to bring a sample of the dress color to the florist so they can advise on choosing the right flowers.


Although beauty is essential, comfort should not be overlooked. The flower bouquet is not only an aesthetic accessory, but also a practical part of the bride's outfit. Making sure the bouquet is easy to hold and doesn't interfere with the bride's movements is essential. The bride will carry the bouquet for much of the ceremony and photos, so it should be comfortable to hold and handle. Opting for a size and design that fits comfortably in your hand is essential to avoid any type of discomfort or distraction on the big day.

Bridal flower bouquet: price

The average price of a bridal bouquet can vary significantly depending on several factors, such as geographic location, type of flowers, size, and complexity of the design.

Type of flowers

Some flowers are naturally more expensive due to their rarity or difficulty growing them out of season. Exotic flowers or those that must be imported can increase the cost of the bouquet.

Design size and complexity

A larger, more elaborate bouquet will require more flowers and work time on the part of the florist, which can increase the price. Additionally, if the design involves intricate details, such as flower entanglements, special embellishments, or weaving techniques, this could also influence the cost.

Season and availability

Seasonal flowers are usually more affordable and easier to obtain, since they are at their peak production. If your wedding is taking place during a time when the selected flowers are out of season, you may have to pay more to import them or grow them in greenhouses.

Florist and reputation

Reputable florists or those with extensive experience may charge more for their services due to their skill and reputation. It's important to find a florist who suits your style and budget, and who has a history of creating high-quality products, like Persa Flores.

Extras and decorations

If bouquets include additional items such as jewelry, personalized ribbons, pearls or brooches, these will add additional costs to the total price.

Number of flowers

Obviously, the more flowers used in the bridal bouquet, the higher the cost of the decoration. Choosing larger or densely placed flowers can also influence price.


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