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If you need help, our team is ready to assist you . Contact us for more information about shipping or to learn how to care for your flowers . Our team is at your disposal via chat on our website or by phone.


    At Persa Flores, we offer a home flower delivery service in Malaga that stands out among the city's florists for its quality and personalized service. Our florist near you in Malaga is committed to bringing the beauty of fresh flowers directly to your home, offering a diverse selection for all occasions.

    From the most emblematic neighborhoods such as La Malagueta to the residential areas of El Limonar, our flower delivery service in Malaga is ready to meet all your expectations. Whether you are looking to send flowers to your home for a birthday, an anniversary, or simply to brighten someone special's day, we have a wide variety of plants and floral arrangements in our selection of products.

    Persa Flores is proud to offer flowers at home in Seville at affordable prices, maintaining a superior quality standard in each delivery. Our selection of flowers is carefully chosen to ensure freshness and durability, ensuring that every bouquet received is a reflection of our commitment to excellence.

    For those moments when you want more than just flowers, at Persa Flores we offer you a range of products that includes varied options, from live plants to delicately prepared gift baskets. Each product is selected thinking about the needs and preferences of our customers. We are your trusted flower store for any occasion. If you are looking for inspiration to create your own floral arrangement or gift, discover our tutorials: learn how to make a floral centerpiece with our Floral Centerpiece Tutorial , a spring bouquet in the Spring Bouquet Tutorial , or a classic bouquet of 12 roses with the Bouquet of 12 Roses Tutorial .

    At Persa Flores, we understand that every moment has its meaning and that is why we offer a selection adapted for all types of occasions. Whether it is a celebration, an act of love or gratitude, our florist in Malaga is here to help you express your feelings through the beauty of flowers.

    If you're looking for local recommendations, don't hesitate to explore options like Floristería Miguel in Malaga, known for its excellent service and quality products. And remember, if you need last-minute flowers, our team is ready to advise you and ensure that your floral gift is perfect and on time.

    Discover the difference that Persa Flores offers in sending flowers to your home in Malaga and trust us to make each delivery memorable. Visit our page and choose from our exquisite selection to find the arrangement that speaks for you.

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    We are here to give you the best floral experience in Malaga and beyond.