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At Persa Flores , a leading florist since 1975, we create each floral arrangement with unique dedication. Our florist specializes in handmade and made-to-order bouquets, reflecting excellence and care in every detail. If you place your order before 2:00 p.m. , we guarantee delivery the next day, filling any space with the freshness and elegance of our flowers. Enjoy a 15% discount on your first purchase at our florist and feel the difference that only florists with our experience can offer.

    At Persa Flores, your trusted florist since 1975, we pride ourselves on being much more than a simple flower sales establishment. We are a team of floral artists and gift consultants, dedicated to turning each arrangement into an expression of deep emotions. As one of the country's leading florists, we offer a wide range of fresh flowers and innovative designs, suitable for all types of occasions.
    Our florist specializes in creating memorable experiences through the natural beauty of flowers. From traditional bouquets to modern, personalized compositions, our florist is renowned for its superior quality and impeccable service. At every florist in our network, you'll find the same commitment to excellence and attention to detail.
    If you are looking for florists that can offer more than just a bouquet, Persa Flores is your destination. Our florists are distinguished by their ability to adapt to your specific needs, providing expert advice and unparalleled customer service. With us, each visit becomes an opportunity to discover flowers and arrangements that capture the essence of each moment.
    For those who cannot visit our florists physically, we offer a convenient online florist service. Here you can browse and select from the comfort of your home, with the assurance that your order will be delivered with the freshness and quality that characterizes Persa Flores. In addition, our online florists are designed to provide you with an easy and secure shopping experience, with delivery options adapted to your schedules and needs.
    Persa Flores is not just one of the florists in your area; It is a florist that puts its heart in each arrangement. Whether you are looking to send a message of love, sympathy, gratitude, or celebration, our florists are here to help you communicate your feelings in the most beautiful way possible. Visit Persa Flores, your florist of choice, and let the flowers do the talking.

    Bouquets of Flowers at Home

    At Persa Flores, your trusted florist , we are dedicated to excellence in each floral bouquet . As experienced florists , we offer a wide range ranging from contemporary designs to high quality roses , always ensuring freshness and beauty. Whether you are looking for online florists or a florist near you, we are your ideal choice. Known as florist , florista , and in various forms as floriseria , florsiteria , fliristeria , floriateria , floridteria , floristeri , floristetia , floristria , and floriesteria , we strive to maintain the standard of florists with florists full of creativity and passion.


    Receive your order the next day if you place it before 2:00 p.m. For emergencies, contact us directly.


    We ship to the entire Spanish peninsula with detailed tracking, guaranteeing quality in each delivery.


    Choose your delivery time: 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. or 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., for your convenience.


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    If you need help, our team is ready to assist you . Contact us for more information about shipping or to learn how to care for your flowers . Our team is at your disposal via chat on our website or by phone.

    Persa Flores - Floristeria cerca de ti

    Let us be part of your celebrations . Discover our best-selling birthday arrangements and bouquets to create unforgettable memories .

    Persa flores a tu disposicion, ramo de rosas colorido
    Papa paco entrando a la floristeria Persa en 1976

    Since 1975 , Persa Flores combines tradition and creativity. Learn about our history and explore our affordable flowers to see the evolution of our art.


    At Persa Flores, we honor our heritage and adapt to modern times. Visit our collections for events and rose bouquets for unique experiences.

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    Persa flores a tu disposicion

    If you need help, our team is ready to assist you . Contact us for more information about shipping or to learn how to care for your flowers . Our team is at your disposal via chat on our website or by phone.