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Purity and elegance: white roses at home

White roses are a symbol of purity, elegance and eternal love. Giving a bouquet of white roses at home is a wonderful way to convey these feelings to that special person. At Persa Flores, we have a wide variety of white rose bouquets so you can find the perfect arrangement for any occasion.

The beauty of white roses

White roses are known for their sophisticated appearance and their ability to convey a message of love and respect. They are ideal for expressing your feelings at special moments, such as weddings, anniversaries and formal events and even combining them with other flowers, such as daisies.

The color white is associated with peace, calm and serenity. White roses convey a feeling of harmony and tranquility, making them an ideal choice for relaxation spaces, such as bedrooms or living rooms.

At Persa Flores, our white roses are grown with care and attention, guaranteeing their freshness and beauty. Check out our White Marble bouquet , which combines white roses with daisies to create a stunning and memorable floral arrangement.

This is an appreciated gift on many occasions. In addition to their beauty and symbolism, they transmit a message of respect, admiration and affection towards the person to whom they are given.

Care for your white roses

To maintain the freshness and beauty of your white roses at home, follow these tips:

  1. Cut the stems diagonally: When you receive the bouquet, cut the stems diagonally with a sharp knife. This allows the roses to absorb water more efficiently.
  2. Change the water regularly: Change the water in the vase every two days, making sure it is clean and fresh.
  3. Keep roses out of direct sunlight and drafts: Roses will last longer if they are kept in a cool place and away from direct sunlight or drafts.
  4. Trim the lower leaves : When you receive the white rose, remove the lower leaves that would be submerged in the water of the vase. This will prevent rot and keep the water cleaner.
  5. Avoid drafts and extreme temperatures : Keep your roses away from cold or hot air currents, such as fans, heaters or direct air conditioning. Also avoid placing them near heat sources, such as radiators. Extreme temperatures can shorten the life of flowers.

Can I send white roses to other cities?

Yes, at Persa Flores we offer home delivery of white roses in Madrid , Barcelona , ​​Valencia , Alicante , Almería and Málaga . So no matter where that person is, you can send them a bouquet of white roses to their home for a special occasion.

How long do white roses last?

With proper care, white roses can last up to two weeks. Be sure to follow the tips mentioned above to keep your roses fresh and beautiful for as long as possible.

What other colors of roses can I send home?

At Persa Flores, we have a wide variety of rose bouquets in different colors to adapt to any occasion and personal preference. Among the colors available, you will find red roses , pink roses and purple roses. Select the color that best represents your feelings and that the person you want to entertain likes best.

Is a bouquet of 6 roses or 12 roses better?

Choosing between a bouquet of 6 or 12 roses depends on your personal preferences and the purpose of the bouquet. Typically, a bouquet of 6 roses will be less expensive than one of 12 roses. If you are looking for a cheaper option but still want to enjoy the beauty of roses, choose the bouquet of 6 roses.

In some cultures and traditions, the number of roses can have symbolic meaning. For example, a bouquet of 12 roses is often associated with love and can be a romantic gift for a couple. On the other hand, a bouquet of 6 roses can be a suitable option for less formal occasions or simply to show appreciation and affection towards someone.

Customize your bouquet of white roses

At Persa Flores, we understand that each person is unique, and we strive to offer white rose bouquets that can suit different tastes and styles. You can choose between already created bouquets or customize your own bouquet, combining white roses with other flowers and decorative elements.

Don't wait any longer to show your feelings with a bouquet of white roses delivered to your home. Visit our collection of rose bouquets and choose the perfect arrangement for that special person. Place your order today!